• I'm still here!

    But that's the fun part of this. Learning something new and something that is my own!

    I like to think I'm a realist and am just trying to end the day proud of what I accomplished and with a smile on my face, but that is not always the case.

    ANYONE can start their own business these days and if you figure out what you're doing, ANYONE CAN BE SUCCESSFUL.
  • Can you guys hear me?

    How does one even decide to start selling t-shirts? What kind of person scratches their head and says, you know what, there are definitely not enough t-shirt stores out there? Welllll, here's the deal. TikTok made me do it. You know those reels about how you can sit at home and make six-figures a month with an uber passive business? Yeah, I thought I'd give that a whirl. The reel implicitly stated this would be super simple and that I could spend most of my time relaxing, snacking and napping while buckets of cash flooded my bank account.

    I'm going to have to email someone at TikTok about that false advertising.

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